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In just one short year since dropping their first indie single,

_less rapidly known as a 'must watch band' thanks to their mind-blowing live performances. Their debut single with Sony Music Thailand, 'don't u even cry?' released in early 2023, sent shockwaves through the Thai music scene. The artist is now a rising sensation, known for their fearless and creative sound and for rocking Japanese character masks, adding an enigmatic dance performance to their stage presence.

Now it's time for the much-anticipated first album from _less titled "_RUKRUKLERKLERK" (which means 'on-and-off relationship' in Thai). The concept of this album comes from observing most Thai Pop songs that often focus solely on romantic relationships. Therefore,

_less decided to take the meaning from this word and tie it to various stories in human life. Not just a romantic relationship; it also includes family, work, friends, pets, and more.

They hope this album will help them find people who will understand and relate to their feelings, like finding friends born and raised in a similar society, facing a similar story, and feeling something in common.

Happiness and sadness are issues that revolve around every human life like some sort of cycle. Which experience is individual and depends on each person,

_less summarized the story of a period in their life that they encountered. And they hope that someone's cycle will overlap with the stories in this album.

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